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Australian Capital Territory has no Islands as it is a land locked Territory. The landscape ranges from mountainous areas to tree filled national parks. As a matter of fact, 40% of Australian Capital Territory is actually the Namadgi National Park.
It was decided in 1901 that a national capital should be developed. This happened after the federation of colonies in Australia. In 1908, the location was finally decided. The city now known as Canberra, which means “meeting place,” was chosen as a compromise between Sydney and Melbourne. Although is it slightly closer to Sydney, it was considered to be close to the middle of each.

American architect Walter Burley Griffin was chosen to design the city. However, development was slow from its beginning in 1911, and all decisions were still made in Melbourne until 1927.

Australian Capital Territory is home to many places of interest for visitors. Those who appreciate flowers will enjoy participating in the Floriade Festival, which features an amazing collection of Canberra’s floral masterpieces during October and November. Others may enjoy visiting the Parliament House which can be toured most days.



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