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New South Wales Islands, New South Wales at 102 Islands has the least Islands in Australia, two of the better known Islands of New South Wales are: Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island.

The most populous Australian state can be found in the southeast portion of the country.  New South Wales was founded in 1788 and once made up the majority of the mainland of Australia.  However, at various points during the 19th century, the land was separated to form Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria, and Queensland.


Most commonly, New South Wales is divided into four geographical regions.  The coastal strip is located on the farthest southern coast near the border of Queensland.  The Great Dividing Range, with its mountainous areas, includes Mount Kosciuszko.  The Riverina area is made up of the agricultural plains, and the northwestern portion of the area is comprised of the arid plains.


New South Wales is perhaps most famous for its capital city of Sydney.  Sydney is the oldest and largest city in Australia.  Approximately two-thirds of the population of New South Wales lives in Sydney, and it is one of the country’s international finance centers.  Visitors to Sydney can partake in the rich culture that includes restaurants, shopping, and beautiful scenery.



Besides the bright lights of the city, visitors will also enjoy spending tie in the country and the outback.  There are a number of World Heritage nation parks where guests can hike and enjoy the lovely scenic views.  Local food and wine can be enjoyed as visitors enjoy the many festivals that take place throughout the year


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