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Northern Territory of Australia has 887 Islands, there is more to the Northern Territory than Alice Springs and Kakadu National Park, the Northern Territory has many magnificent Islands.

The Northern Territory of Australia is approximately twice the size of the state of California. However, there are only about two hundred thousand residents, living a great area of natural beauty. Approximately sixty thousand of those residents are native Aboriginal people.

The Aboriginal people have a strong spiritual connection to the natural surroundings of the Northern Territory. Most will gladly share that connection with visitors through stories.

The capital city of the Northern Territory is Darwin. It is located on a peninsula with the sea on three sides. The city served as a military base for allied forces during World War II. Visitors can experience this military history by touring various sites that have been preserved.

With many great stories to tell, the Northern Territory has a rich cultural history. This heritage is a blend of Aboriginal traits, European influences, World War II effects, and recent Asian influence.



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