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Queensland Islands, Queensland has the second most Islands in Australia, The Queensland Islands are some of the most well know of the Australian Islands, these Islands Include, Whitsunday Islands and Hamilton Island.

Queensland is one of the largest Australian states. It ranks second largest in area and third largest in population. Originally a British Crown Colony, it was separated from New South Wales in 1859. The state’s capital of Brisbane is also the largest city.

Queensland’s nickname, the Sunshine State, refers to the warm weather and tropical environment of most of the state. With this tropical climate, Queensland produces a wealth of fruits and vegetables. This is one of the primary industries of the state. They produce peanuts, bananas, pineapples, other fruits and vegetables, grain, cotton, and sugar cane. In addition, Queensland is home to a number of wineries and an extensive mining industry.

Tourism is also a large part of the business done in Queensland. The state boasts amazing beaches and excellent access to the Great Barrier Reef. With five amusement parks located in the state, it is also sometimes nicknamed “Australia’s Theme Park Capital.”


With port access and national highways, transportation to and around Queensland is fairly easy. A number of airports also make travel plans simple. The main airports are the Brisbane Airport, Cairns International Airport, and Gold Coast Airport.


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