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Western Australia Islands, At 3747 Islands Western Australia has the most Islands in Australia, although there are only a hand-full of groups of Islands that make up the majority of the Islands that are accessible to tourists.

Western Australia is one of Australia’s most popular vacation destinations. From clear blue waters to ancient rock formations to the abundance of sunshine, visitors will find something to attract them. Guests can also experience an authentic Australian Outback adventure.

The selection of Western Australia Islands is guaranteed to not disappoint, the accessible Islands have an abundance of wildlife and unforgettable scenery. Western Australia Islands are the home to some of Australia's best Eco Tourism holiday Island destinations

Perth City is the capital of Western Australia. There is a relaxing feeling in the atmosphere of this capital city, with its rivers and parks.

For those who do not want to vacation in the city, there are plenty of getaways to the southwest. Many enjoy touring the local wineries and abiding in luxury accommodations. Others prefer retreats farther out in the country with secluded cabins in the rural Australian woods.

When considering Western Australia, there are a number of options available for vacationers. It is important to check out all this state has to offer. There is sure to be something to please everyone!


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